Thinking with Music...

Good things come to those who change their minds…

.. or, Gregory Porter gig last night and daily digest 8/7

One can have a change of heart, thankfully…!

The other day a friend commented on my Copenhagen Jazz Festival shortlist, missing Gregory Porter from the list. I love Porter, but have heard him in intimate settings both in NYC and at the North Sea Jazz Fest, so wasn’t keen on the idea of a concert hall gig with him.

The another friend called, offering a ticket to the concert last night, and who am I to refuse good music and great company?!

Man, am I glad I went. Gregory Porter was a wonderful as expected – and the concert hall settings had it’s limitations, as expected. But several other factors made this a night to remember: First, the DR Concert Hall has the unusual feature of 360 degree seating. This has the effect of surrounding the band with listeners, but also to erase the typical box view of the theater, creating a much more communal experience. Also, one could be so lucky as to get seated right behind a great drummer – which was exactly where I sat last night. Emanuel Harrold had amazing energy and a sound that went beyond straight jazz.. I felt R&B, Gospel, Hip-Hop and even some dub step (!?) in the mix… watching him work was exhilarating.

Oh, and then Stevie sat in… (as in “OMG-Stevie-Wonder-is-in-the-house-and-he-is-going-to-come-on-stage” !!!). Played the harmonica and sang a little on “Free”. Blessed the house with his presence. Not much to say… It made me so freakin’ happy.

On that note, here my daily digest of gigs for today, but don’t forget to change your mind!

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