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In Copenhagen airport on my way to the Rhythm Changes Conference in Amsterdam. Working on my PowerPoint in the business lounge ;-)

The theme for this years conference is Jazz Beyond Borders; it’s about the way that borders have shaped and continue to shape the way we think and talk about jazz – the way that genre, geography, history and media frame conversations about jazz as well as practices.

My paper is called “Jazz carnival or business empire? The change from the local Newport Jazz Festival to the global JVC Jazz Festival.”.. or at least that was what I called in when I sent in the abstract sometime in the spring. As it always happens (at least to me), once I started reading and writing my focus shifted (which is cool – this is about process and thinking as you write, writing as you think). I went from wanting to talk about the festival’s use of global corporate sponsorship to wanting to talk abut how the name/brand of the festival changed meaning with the use of corporate sponsors and how this was actually the very thing that allowed it to go global.

Anyways, having a great time scavenging for images online for the PP. Check out this great album cover for the recording of the Newport Festival in Mexico, held in 1967:



Or these two ads. A KOOL Newport-New York Festival was held in 1980. KOOL nd woman with guitar

But Newport was also the name of competing cigarette brand and KOOL demanded that the Newport name disappeared. But I just LOVE the way that the Newport ad totally one-ups the Kool ad on, well coolness ;-)Newport cigarettes competing ad


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